Mentoring Program

Travelers is proud to partner with the University of Connecticut to increase access to higher education for students. At its core, Travelers EDGE focuses on three major objectives:

  • College readiness and increasing the awareness of middle school and high school students interested in careers within the Insurance and Financial Services (IFS) industry.
  • Increasing the number of first-generation, underrepresented and under-served students to complete a bachelor’s degree.
  • Increasing students’ readiness for a career within the IFS industry

The purpose of the Travelers EDGE UConn mentoring program is to provide guidance and encouragement to Travelers EDGE Scholars in their studies and career path, and to offer support that enables the scholars to recognize their potential in business and academia.

Mentoring is a two-way confidential relationship, which can facilitate personal and career growth; augmenting formal education and job assignments.

  • Effectively circulates knowledge and transfer skills
  • Builds a sharing, trusting relationship between two people
  • Helps individuals move towards fulfilling their potential
  • Provides a valuable source of objective feedback
  • Promotes learning through dialogue and sharing experiences