Mentoring Programs

peermentoringThe Business Diversity Office and the University of Connecticut (UConn) offers Faculty and Peer Mentoring programs. Mentors can serve as liaisons to campus resources, services, organizations, events and opportunities as well as be a friend to mentees and serve as support as they began to acculturate to campus culture and community. Many of the mentoring programs at the University are typically offered as 1 – 3 credit courses. However, Students are also encouraged to establish informal mentorships with any faculty or staff member at the University. Please contact ODI if you have questions about mentoring programs at UConn.

Freshmen & Transfer Students

  • Asiantation Mentoring Program (AMP) – At the beginning of the school year, we help new students get adjusted to their new surroundings with our orientation program called Asiantation. New students will be able to meet other new students coming into UConn as well as meet continuing students. To find out more information about this program, please visit or call 860-486-0830.
  • Mentoring, Educating, and Training for Academic Success (M.E.T.A.S) – The M.E.T.A.S. program is designed to assist Latino first-year and transfer students with their college transition by pairing them with a peer mentor who will provide guidance and support throughout their first year. M.E.T.A.S Program is a one-credit course facilitated through the Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center. For more information about this program, please visit or call 860-486-1135.
  • Preparing African American Students to Sustain Success (P.A2.S.S) – The goal of (P.A2.S.S) is to assist first year African American Students in making a healthy, productive and successful transition to college life. The P.A2.S.S Program is a one-credit course facilitated through the H. Fred Simon’s African American Cultural Center. Through the P.A2.S.S program, first year students will be matched up with an African American upperclassmen mentor. Mentors will serve as liaisons to campus resources, services, organizations events and opportunities. For more information about this program, please visit or call 860-486-3433.
  • Travelers EDGE Scholars Program – Each year, ten University students who received the Leadership Scholarship are selected for this four-year program. Students who participate in this program will receive a professional mentor from Travelers Insurance Inc. Through this program, we seek to enhance the students’ academic experience as well as set them on a path towards professional leadership.
  • UConn Connects – The UConn Connects program is an intervention program to help students be more successful academically. The Connects program pairs each student with a staff or peer facilitator who will guide them through the semester. The facilitators are highly knowledgeable about the University and are trained to help the student with specific problems or issues that may arise during the semester. For more information about this program, please visit or call 860-486-3378.

Juniors & Seniors

(Business Students Only)

  • School of Business offers an incredible opportunity to be mentored and guided by leading business executives and entrepreneurs from various business fields. Under the Mentor Program, select students will be assigned to connect with UConn alumni who are leading executives in business and industry and are interested in helping our students navigate a successful career path.
  • Business Diversity Initiatives Office – The Office of Business Diversity provides one-on-one mentoring to all students at UConn. To establish a faculty/staff mentorship, please email our office at

If students would like to BE a peer mentor, they may contact the UConn Peer Education program at Peer Education is made up of student leaders who have been selected and trained to offer and/or coordinate direct services to their peers through a variety of campus programs. Peer Educators have the opportunity to develop an understanding of college student development and organizational behavior and apply it (with supervision) in an experiential setting with the goal of facilitating their own, as well as their peer’s, academic, social and personal growth. Problem-solving, critical thinking and ethical decision-making are strongly emphasized and employed.