High School Scholarships

High School Opportunities

If you are approaching your senior year of high school or your freshman year of college, take a look at the listed scholarship opportunities below. Scholarship deadlines that are approaching are listed under the first column, while others that are not as immediate are listed under the second column. For more information or to apply, follow the link or contact our office.

Our Mission

The Business Diversity Initiatives Office supports an institutional framework that acknowledges the importance of a diverse community and an inclusive environment. The Business Diversity Office also promotes initiatives and programs that increases awareness, understanding and sensitivity to the needs of all individuals regardless of age, class, physical ability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. Our mission is to support and promote an inclusive environment that embraces and celebrates the diversity of all people. The office serves to provide students, faculty, and staff with a cooperative, safe and supportive environment and assists in preparing them with an education that will help them maximize their opportunity to compete in a global economy.